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These are a few websites that I have found by a Google search:



* Fair trade and organic shopping


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Fair trade and organic shopping - Paris convention and visitors office - Official website - Paris tourism in Paris. All informations to organise your stay ...
en.parisinfo.com/.../paris.../fair-trade-and-organic-shopping/ - En cache

* Organic produce
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Comprehensive, independent, accurate and up-to-date information on Bio & Organic Produce, from the definitive English-language guide to the Ile de France ...
paris.angloinfo.com › Food & Drink - En cache - Pages similaires


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Find Organic Food Shops in Paris. Search for the best places in your local area or share your opinion by writing a review on Qype.
www.qype.co.uk/fr101-paris/.../90-organic-food-shops-in-paris - En cache

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1 Aug 2009 ... Read about the latest Secrets of Paris on Heather's blog: insider tips for living in Paris like a Parisian.
www.secretsofparis.com/.../organic-fooding-in-paris.html - États-Unis - En cache



* Organic restaurants


A few websites exist, including these ones:


- Paris organic-vegetarian Restaurants - Complete list of the best ... - [ Traduire cette page ]

organic-vegetarian Paris Restaurants, Find, view and book the best restaurants in Paris, consult reader reviews and save money with our special offers.
www.eat-out.net/.../paris/organic-vegetarian - Royaume-Uni - En cache


You fancy an unusual meal to escape from daily habits of Paris? Let's taste a fine and healthy cuisine made with seasonal and tasty organic food! ...
www.thefork.com/Organic...Paris/m_1O1O1OOOO91.html - Royaume-Uni - En cache
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Organic is a dirty word in Paris. Not that they are against organic produce as we know it. No, “organic” brings to mind roadkill and other rotting objects. ...
www.parisvegetarian.com/ - En cache



* Organic markets 


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Organic Paris Market Picture. Batignolles Organic Market in Paris. Paris Tourism Office | Marc Bertrand. This is a picture of the Batignolles Organic Market ...
gofrance.about.com/.../parisattractions/.../parismarkets.htm - En cache - Pages similaires
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22 Apr 2010 ... Confession: in the 3+ years I've lived in Paris, I've never gone to the organic open-air market on Boulevard Raspail. ...
culture.bitchbuzz.com/expect-the-unexpected-at-the-paris-organic.html - En cache
  * Organic shops (food and cosmetics especially)
   - [ Traduire cette page ] + where to find these Biocoop in Paris: link.
Organic Supermarkets BioCoop Paris Glacière tel: 01 45 35 24 36 55, rue de Glacière 75013 Paris BioCoop Grenelle tel: 01 45 77 70 14 ...
www.intransit-international.com/life_paris_organic.html - En cache - Pages similaires
There are too these organic shops: Naturalia, La Vie Claire, etc.
  * Organic wine
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morethanorganic.com is dedicated to the promotion and sale of extremely natural wine. Our aim is to make France's most natural winemakers available in the ...
www.morethanorganic.com/ - En cache - Pages similaires
Personalized guide of Restaurants - Organic wine in Paris on Tellmewhere. Selection of the best places that you will like: La Cave de l'Os à Moelle, ...
tellmewhere.com/c/.../paris?tag=Organic%20wine - États-Unis - En cache
   * Other websites
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20 Apr 2009 ... Freelance journalist Ann Mah has contributed to Conde Nast Traveler, the International Herald Tribune and many other publications.
annmah.net/.../french-food-news-1001-ways-to-eat-rice-in-paris-organic-veg-delivery-kindness-of-strangers-and-friends/ - En cache
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  • Ancienne provinciale, j'ai peu à peu découvert la capitale, à la manière d'une touriste mais aussi d'une habitante de la ville.